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Donations can be made directly at Wells Fargo into Offer Hope for Landon Account Number: 7964393669
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Caring for Landon is a full time job for Sierra leaving them to live on Social Security Disability Income which isn't enough for the two of them to survive. Unfortunately, as a single mother living as a refugee, Sierra is struggling to find a consistent means of bringing in additional income. 


A plan was being put in place to get Sierra through the CNA certification course so that she would be able to receive income for the care Landon is already receiving (essentially instead of paying strangers they pay mom). This also benefits them as finding work outside the home that was flexible enough for the scheduled CNA time was proving impossible.



UPDATE 05JAN15: On January 2nd Sierra broke both her tibia and fibula of her right leg. She was taking her trash bins to the street when the next thing she knew she was on the ground. Luckily she was able to flag down help quickly and went in for emergency surgery by ambulance. The result? A plate and 10 screws.


This is devestating as Sierra cannot walk and is in much pain. Please help #TeamLandon make ends meet during this time of frustration.


To donate for Sierra and Landon's livelihood click DONATE.

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